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A website is an extension of the individuals or Businesses’, they represent the owner 24 hours a day all around the world. Therefore a website should represent the person or the business and provide a mirror of what the person or business is about.

Many website's are built using content management software, many of these companies are pushed towards content management systems without knowing the legal requirements, and some are not given a user’s manual to help them maintain their content management website. It may look good but can you maintain the website's design?

Before deciding which way you want to go, Iain Tait must inform you that there are legal obligations a website owner must adhere too, Our Website Design absorb these legal requirements and give you piece of mind that your website meets all legal requirements and goes beyond. For legal requirements please check our abridged legal requirements page

If your website is to stand out from the crowd and actually look good have the functionality you require, having a web presence that says this is me without having all the additional time consuming of maintaining a web site! Please contact us and I will arrange to meet and discuss your requirements to managing your website.

Iain Tait Designs website's that meets W3c Guidelines and meets BS8878 Guidelines and follow the Web Accessibility Initiative, so that as many people as possible can view your website regardless of ability, website's that can be viewed on computer desktop, laptop and netbooks, Smart Phones, tablets and televisions, a website that displays similarly on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari Opera and many more, contact us and let Iain Tait Web Design manage your web presence. Our Website Deign can take the legal responsibilities and give you piece of mind that you are operating within the law.

The Equalities Act 2010, website owners are obliged to make a site accessible to disabled users and make reasonable adjustments to resolve any access issues. This requirement remains in the new Act, but the threshold has been lowered. In the future, a person with disabilities must not be put at a "substantial disadvantage", compared to a non-disabled user. Now many website major websites ignore it. The lower threshold means that the obligation to make reasonable adjustments is now more onerous on website owners and hosts.

Iain Tait Web Design can:
By working with you design a tailored website to meet your requirements. Have your website working for you 24 Hours every day. Look after your web site and maintain it for you.

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